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About Me

Before settling in England in 2010, I have lived in Pakistan, Peru, and mostly in Canada. I respect and value difference and diversity. I understand how culture, religious and spiritual beliefs, diversity of bodies, genders and relationships, makes us all unique. Through personal experience I understand complexities of Asian cultural values, roles, identity, pressure, and being a child of immigrants. As a parent, I can relate to issues surrounding pregnancy, birth, parenting, and juggling roles. 


My past work experience as a genetic counsellor in the NHS has included working with individuals, couples, and families for over 9 years.  I incorporate this knowledge and experience of genetic conditions, family dynamics, and teaching to support my work as a therapist.


I proudly re-trained as a Therapeutic Counsellor at DS Counselling Training in Kent and adhere to their high standards and professionalism in my work. I then undertook further training in Attachment based Psychotherapy from Optima Health Services. As an Attachment psychotherapist,  I am able to understand you, and the link of attachment styles and defences to your personal relationships. By exploring your early childhood, important attachment figures, you can understand yourself at a deeper level. My hope is to support you through your difficulties and help you to have a connection and understanding with yourself. This can create the process of change you hope to make during this time.

I am passionate about working with clients to support them on their unique journey. I have over 2 years experience as a therapist and am experienced in working with anxiety, depression, stress, gender identity, and self acceptance. My specialist interest and experience includes family and relationship problems, loss, miscarriage, baby loss, post natal depression, and genetics. I am experienced in working with individuals who have a child with complex medical needs, genetic diagnoses, and  terminal diagnoses. I also work creatively with neurodiverse clients. I have been working with Therapy Partners in Maidstone, Kent, to provide counselling to adults and young people. I am pleased to continue this work in my local community.


I look forward to speaking to you to understand how I can support you on your journey.

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