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Pre and Post Natal

I can support you therapeutically during your pregnancy and post natal journey. I am experienced in working with clients before, during, and after pregnancy. Pregnancy and child birth brings many changes, challenges, and can impact your well being. You are not alone on your journey.


Together, we can explore:

  • Prenatal anxiety and depression

  • Hopes and preparation for your baby

  • Antenatal testing results and implications

  • Birth and recovery 

  • Postnatal anxiety and depression

  • Relationship impact

  • A previous miscarriage or baby loss

I am experienced and have further training in supporting clients after miscarriage and baby loss. This can be difficult time for both parents.

My previous experience as a Genetic Counsellor in the NHS gives me an understanding of the challenges experienced during antenatal testing, results, and their implications. You can also seek further support from Antenatal Results and Choices (ARC), who provide impartial information and support.

Online therapy for pregnancy and post natal
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