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Online Attachment Courses

Let's explore together how our attachments impact us. Whether you are a parent or a professional, Attachment theory is very relevant in all of our relationships. 

A FREE introductory course is now LIVE. Click below to login and access.


Learn more about your relationships with our FREE comprehensive introductory online course in the Our Attachments Series. Includes a CPD certificate upon completion.

‘Really enjoyed this course, very informative, easy to follow and everything was clearly explained. I will be recommending this to clients and professionals alike. Really looking forward to signing up to the next course and having an even deeper dive into attachment, and how this plays out in our lives’. 

Anonymous Professional


  • Introduction
    Welcome Contents Quiz: What is your knowledge about Attachment Theory?
  • Attachment Theory
    Attachment Theory Attachment Theory History Attachment Theory Timeline Part 1 Attachment Theory Timeline Part 2
  • Influence of Attachments and Early Experiences
    Questions Early experience and our needs Our blueprint for life
  • Identify Attachment Styles
    Attachment Styles Attachment Styles- Secure & Avoidant Attachment Styles- Anxious & Disorganised
  • Connections and secure relationships
    Understanding our relationships
  • Addressing our own attachment style
  • Questions for you
    Questions to consider
  • Conclusion
    Course Evaluation

Attachment Courses for Parents

Are you expecting your first baby?

Do you have a child(ren)?

Are you a foster or adoptive parent?

These courses are designed to educate parents about understanding our Attachments and how this relates to our relationships with your child(ren).

There are three age ranges covered:

Early years (0-3 years)

Childhood (3-11 years)

Adolescence (12-23 years)

Attachment Courses for Professionals

Are you a counsellor/therapist, nursery worker, teacher, or another professional?


These courses are designed to educate professionals about understanding how Attachment Theory is relevant in their work.

Early years (0-3 years)

Childhood (3-11 years)

Adolescence (12-23 years)

Upcoming Attachment Courses

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